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This is a Live Bait-Holder hook... Minnow (Shiner) hook. It allows the minnow to swim in a natural motion. It is a very attractive presentation to fish in the water. Minnow stays on the hook. The design of the hook allows the minnow to live longer as well. This is a true-turing hook once the fish strike. Under a cork, the minnow does all the work and gives off a natural "blood trail".


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"The Aerice" Minnow-Shiner Hook

10 Packs

Stock #: R00910
$19.60 + Shipping

"The Aerice" Minnow-Shiner Hook

25 Packs

Stock #: R00925
$49.00 + Shipping

"The Aerice" Minnow-Shiner Hook

50 Packs

Stock #: R00950
$98.00 + Shipping