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All hooks sold by the carton........10, 25 or 50 (unit- packs) per carton
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This is a Nickle Bait-Restrain Cricket/Dough Ball Hook. Good for FRESH or SALT water fishing. It keeps the cricket in an un-movable position. This hook is Environmentally friendly...small fish can't swallow it. It is weighted with a 1/32 oz. lead BB. Great for Bluegill and Crappie. And ideal for Catfish using dough balls...keeps dough balls on the hook.

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"Miss Jane" Cricket Hooks

10 Packs

Stock #: R00610
$19.60 + Shipping

"Miss Jane" Cricket Hooks

25 Packs

Stock #: R00625
$49.00 + Shipping

'"Miss Jane" Cricket Hooks

50 Packs

Stock #: R00650
$98.00 + Shipping